What are your expectations while starting an ecommerce business? A beautifully designed website; crowds of web visitors; highest ranking in popular Search Engines; repeated visits of targeted audience; steady growth of business volume and profits etc. Now it has become easier for you, to achieve all the above goals in one stroke – choose Magento Website Development – for your ecommerce site (or change to Magento if you have already other website designs).

In order to fulfill your above objectives, think from the view points of your customers. They want your website to be easily accessible; appear on top of the Search Engine Indices; navigation to all your web pages is damn easy; they get all the pertinent details of products available, descriptions, advantages, prices and comparisons; easy shopping by instant carting; safe and secure payment modes; and happy check-out whistling. If you enable all these through Magento web development, you can feel relaxed about the results.

Magento excels by features: Very first benefit is Magento is Open Source and so you need not spend a dime. It is specialized for ecommerce websites with abundance of features. Every feature is focused towards Customer Satisfaction – the key to success of every ecommerce site. Highlights are – easy navigation; advanced search options; wish-lists; favorites; products comparison; grouping of products; email list; multiple store management; and easy-to-handle content management system etc.

Magento is most flexible: Irrespective of your online business size, you can opt for Magento. There are many variations for flexible applications, such as Magento Go for small businesses; Magento Enterprise for medium and big businesses with enormous templates and numerous themes, to suit the tailor-made requirements of your business entity.

Magento makes developers happy: Web developers strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction from prospective website owners. So they strain every nerve, to make the website answer the present-day challenges of Responsive Web Design, accessibility through any web browser in the world, by proper coding, developing, programming and content management systems, to make the functionality of the website on top-gear.

Especially in easy-coding and multi-browser compatibility, Magento serves the website developers as the best. Your website can get specific core code with third party codes easily mingled, for trouble-free continuous performance. Result is you get a world-class website.

Magento is SEO special: The outstanding and cutting-edge advantage of Magento is, your ecommerce website will become Search Engine-friendly by its characteristics. It coordinates easily with the most popular Search Engine Google, and makes its prominent services like Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout etc. work for your site.

As a result, by simply sitting pretty, you can manage web-traffic, track the visitor-population, their preferences and priorities and accordingly devise your marketing strategies, to go to the top.

Magento makes Store-management a breeze: With a Magento web development, you can manage multiple-stores from a single admin panel; and the business transactions are accounted, managed and corrected if necessary. You can create, edit, view, raise invoices, print packing slips, monitor customer relationships, process email notifications, creation and maintenance of records; and prompt reporting of your website’s performance keeps all the business details at your finger-tips.

Magneto consists of marvelous Marketing Tools: Marketing is breath for any business. All the Marketing Tools such as Branding, advertisement, marketing campaigns, discounts, offers, promotions and coupons etc. are readily generated, by Magento software solution to lure prospective customers, along with loyal customers, for the consistent growth of your business.

Magento facilitates multi-currency and multi-language global business:

If your ecommerce site does global business, Magento can handle it with ease. There are multiple currency and payment options, as well as multi-lingual facility for transacting business with any customer, from anywhere in the world.

Magento gets updated always: Being an Open Source CMS Platform, almost all the ecommerce websites are opting for Magento web development. So the adds-on and pluggins get added up every day, based on the actual experience of other ecommerce business community like you. You get immensely benefited by this.

Beta Soft Technology will be happy to develop your website in Magento CMS at competitive cost!