Page loading speed could be a crucial issue on that Google prioritizes its programme results. Customers square measure continually trying to find data that may load quick on their devices while not abundant waiting time. Whenever there’s a protracted waiting time, users tend to maneuver on to other applications that give similar services. Magento Company offering you to add this functionality so that your abundant time and customer bounce rate should be maintain. The Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) was planned by Google so as to bridge the difficulty that content publishers on the net were truly facing. The project aims to hurry up the WebPages on any mobile device so you’ll be able to keep prior to your competitors. So that implementing it as quickly as doable is what’s required. AMP framework are often applied to WebPages, however here during this diary we are going to target however it are often used on the Magento a pair of ecommerce platform.
When checking out a service or a product on smart phones, customers typically notice the product on high of the search results page. it’s by victimisation AMP that the WebPages are often loaded outright across varied platforms and additionally devices. It doesn’t matter the sort of pill, device or phone that the client is connected to.
AMP may be a special module that produces the website’s content load in no time on numerous mobile devices. It helps the users to achieve the web site in no over three second and this may solely be done by properly optimizing the location for smart phones. If your web site is developed on the Magento two platforms, then the AMP module is your answer.
Advantages of using AMP technology for Magento2 website
1. Accelerated page loading speeds
2. Ability to load text, widgets, pictures directly
3. Enhance the merchandise and class page with distinctive UI
4. Allow the users easy accessibility to necessary info from the Google Result page
Some other reasons to use the technology on your Magento 2 website include:Gain higher site ranking in the SERP
1. Compatible with most pill and smartphone devices
2. Reduced waiting time
3. Increase traffic growth and sales
4. Reduced bounce rates
5. Better user expertise
6. Increased visibility
Here are two ways of creating AMPs by Magento users:
1 – Content uploaded into amp specific domain: One straightforward and quick means that to implement content is once the page is customized to the AMP supported necessities and also the output is loaded into the amp specific domain. This is often primarily appropriate once the work is outsourced to any third party service supplier.

2 – Importation content into any demo template: Magento has teamed up with third parties to make demo templates and this displays the merchandise page with correct AMP structure. The module offers minimum styles and content and its open terminated, so the Magento2 development community will add their own concepts and innovations.
Implementing AMP with Magento:
Magento offers some extension to implement the AMP. Once installation of the plugin , your website can have a second mobile theme that’s optimized for AMP. every page are going to be extremely optimized to possess an easy HTML structure with CSS, JavaScript’s and additionally special AMP tags that enable Google to simply cache your Magento pages. Specific pages can embody special reference that advice Google that your Magento two store is AMP friendly.
With over 900k domain having adopted AMP, it’s a requirement for ecommerce retailers to implement it if they’re willing to capture business opportunities and increase their sales.