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Beta Soft Technology compiles the tools that are required for the development of professional mobile apps and websites for smarter and faster business operations using the expertise of JavaScript, IDE, UI Editor, and more. We provide high quality WIX website development services along with advanced functionalities with the incorporation of custom Wix templates and themes. We offer smooth WIX web design services to our valued clients for efficiently scaling and handling their businesses using the performance of their websites. In order to do this, our business analysts and Wix developers hold the expertise to work with various revenue models and business models.


Who Needs To Opt For WIX Website Development Services?

Beta Soft Technology is a leading Wix development company that is intensifying its focus on visibility for your business. Apart from developing websites, our Wix developers and technology experts provide an opinion for setting up your revenue models and business models right to help scale your business.

Our spectrum of development services is for:


When you are new to the digital world and facing disruption, you can hire our WIX web development solutions to add value to your business. We build impactful widgets for your business website to stay splendid in its niche. At Beta Soft Technology, we believe that it takes the right tools and technology expertise for startups to venture into the digital world.

Mid-Size Businesses

If you have a primary website and want to make it for the content accommodated on the website, you can leverage our Wix development services for creating room for monetizing. In addition to this, you can outsource top-performing Wix development services from Beta Soft Technology for optimizing the search engine and offering a personalized experience to your existing users.

Developed Businesses

After reaching a firm position in the eCommerce business, you might renovate your business for a better experience. In this case, you can be connected with our WIX website development services to customize your mobile app or business website to receive advanced functionality and features on your site.

Explore Our WIX Development Services

At Beta Soft Technology, we are Wix Partner and leaders in Wix website development. We can also streamline your complex website operations. Choose our multiple development services.

Wix Website Setup And Customization

Our technology experts can set up Wix websites quickly for your sheer convenience. You can avail of our Wix website customization services. With our sense of accuracy, we choose the perfect design, colors, and layouts, and pick top fonts based on your choice but also adhering to your needs.


We understand the importance of SEO for your business websites. With our SEO services, we are focusing on boosting your rankings on Google. We strategize off-page and on-page SEO optimization and work on the improvement of your online presence with advanced digital marketing strategies.

Wix Consultation Services

We provide an array of consultation services such as consultation for web design, business development, brand promotion, and digital marketing. We strategize innovative WIX web design services for your business progression with our Wix consultation expert. From basic features to advanced functionalities, we do it all.

Wix Theme Development

At Beta Soft Technology, we develop unique themes and designs for your website through customization. We work on theme optimization and offer great theme capabilities like cross browser compatibility. Wix websites and mobile apps have flexible layouts that can be altered for your specific needs. From customizable WIX website development services with pre-designed templates, we can handle it all.

Wix Migration

We offer secure migration services and you can strategize a hassle-free shift of all the advanced features and functionalities from other platforms to the flexible WIX web development solutions. During Wix migration, we confirm the security of your valuable data and improve the web design to avoid any technical issues.

Wix API Integration

Our experts in Beta Soft Technology develop WIX API apps. With the inclusion of applications and great capabilities such as automation on websites, customization can be managed. We streamline API integrations with Wix which helps us reduce costs.

Build Wix Websites Easily With Beta Soft Technology

Wix is a free website builder that provides anyone with a professional-level online presence. Our mission is to enable everyone to easily build an online website; envisioning that every person in the digital space should have access to high-quality design tools at no cost. A leading website building and hosting services provider, experts at Beta Soft Technology have been continually developing, designing, and managing websites for global companies. Our WIX web design services empower millions of businesses and individuals to create their custom websites, social networks, blogs, and online stores with our easy-to-use web development platform. Our WIX web development solutions enable users to create websites, and eCommerce stores. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone, no matter their experience or skill level in website design, to use the latest trends and technologies to build unique websites. Wix offers an all-inclusive solution that includes domain management tools, hosting services,website analytics, and more in one place. Registered users around the globe have created millions of online businesses with our WIX website development services. Our company has developed into one of the largest providers of web creation solutions in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wix platform offers eCommerce businesses all the tools and services they require to sell online and in-store. Build your business and sell on various sales channels, including mobile and web storefronts, online marketplaces, social media, and physical retail locations.

Wix is a feature-rich online store builder to make a stunning storefront design and grow your business. Wix is also known as one of the easiest platforms to build a website, whether you are trying to create an online store or business website.

It allows users to build mobile sites and HTML5 websites through the use of online drag-and- drop tools. Users may add several functionalities such as social plug-ins, e-commerce, contact forms, online marketing, email marketing, and community forums to their sites using a variety of Wix-developed applications.

Yes, sure. No matter what your business requirements are, we always have your back. From developing your website from scratch to revamping, and modifying, to fixing the errors, we will help you with everything you expect.

At Beta Soft Technology, We have various hiring models that saturate your pocket. Once you are ready to sell online and accept payments for your eCommerce website, upgrade to one of our Business and eCommerce Premium Plans. We have efficient Wix developers who provide timely delivery for the satisfaction of the clients.


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