Node.js - The Concept!

Node.js is an advanced technology that is used by JavaScript enthusiasts since 2010. Node.js has been empowering businesses for more than ten years. It remains popular among developers across the world.

Node.js is the open-source JavaScript runtime environment. This technology can be used to write both client-side and server-side scripts. Node.js companies used a single coding ng language for both of these tasks. It saves the developer's efforts, money, and time.

Why Choose Beta Soft Technology for Node.js Development?

Beta Soft Technology is the best Node.js development service provider agency that builds scalable mobile applications by using Node.js backend service. Our expert team of Node.js web app developers applies a unique approach to building, managing, and scaling up web applications using advanced and cutting-edge tools. We reinvented the processes constantly with industry-specific solutions and provide flexible Node.js solutions at reasonable prices.

Pros and Cons of Node.JS

Node.js is the Javascript running environment that helps to execute Javascript outside the browser and turn it into a general-purpose language that allows it to take full advantage. Node.js increases the speed and security of the application and also allows building on data-heavy websites and real-time apps


  • Fast processing event-based model
  • Provide rich ecosystem
  • Robust technology stack
  • Scalable technology
  • JSON support


  • Callback the hell issue
  • Growing demand for professionals
  • Tool immaturity
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Heavy computation tasks

Our Node.JS Development Services

Do you need experts in Node.JS app development? Trust us for trailblazing solutions and quick turnaround time. We offer best-in-class Node.JS development services to global clients.

Node.JS Consulting Services

Professional consulting with Node JS development services and on-demand developers for the development, customization, and maintenance of Node.JS apps.

Node.JS Mobile Development

Developed lightweight, flexible, and high-performance apps under our Node.JS Android development services.

Node.JS WebApp Development

Best in class Node JS web development company for strategizing and developing robust and performing apps.

Node.JS Maintenance and Support

Top Node JS development company with SLA-based support for FE/BE maintenance, app updates, and new releases.

Node.JS API Development

Created secure and ready-for-use REST API using Node.JS from scratch in a quicker turnaround time.

Node.JS Migration

Migrated complex apps built on Node.JS platform and automated DB in MongoDB by using Node.JS

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert Javascript developers utilize Node.JS to deliver software solutions with high functionality and performance. We actively boost our footprint across different industries such as logistics, banking, eCommerce, healthcare, and more to deliver products to companies.

Node.JS technology can be used for chat servers, real-time web, and mobile apps, instant messaging apps, live-chat apps, eCommerce transaction apps, server-side applications, online gaming apps, etc.

Its modern technology and the forward-looking way to develop complex applications have made NodeJS a great option for app and web development for enterprises and businesses.

As a Node.js web app development service provider company, we follow agile methodologies that are industry-tested. Our development process for websites and applications involves planning, designing, programming, testing, and deployment.