Linode - The Concept!

Linode believes that to accelerate the innovation in cloud technology, virtual computing should be more affordable, accessible, and simple. Our IaaS or infrastructure-as-a-service platform can be deployed across 11 markets globally from data centers in the world and supported by advanced APIs, Next Generation Network, comprehensive services, and a huge educational resources library. Linode services and products enable developers to build, scale, and deploy applications for businesses more cost-effectively and easily in the cloud.

How Is Linode Useful for Businesses?

Our comprehensive business solutions include dedicated CPUs, standard VMs, Object Storage, Kubernetes, and GPUs. Here is the reason why businesses add Linode Linux servers to their cloud strategy.

Manage Cash Flow and Predict Costs

No surprise on the cloud bill. It helps you to know what you will pay every month with a consistent, flat, no locking price that is identical across all global data centers of Linode.

Reduce Monthly Cloud Service Bills

Linode offers enterprise-level capabilities like Kubernetes, object storage, and GPUs at the cost of 30-50% less than other major cloud service providers.

Create High Available Environment

Our load balancers, global network backbone, automated system failover and ensure high performance with redundancy.

Scaling With Simplicity

Easily scale storage, compute, and network resources up and down. Here you only pay for what you use, and only use what you need.

Optimize Performance and Cost

We have been pioneers of cloud computing. Along this way, we have balanced the technology and price for an optimal ratio of price-to-performance.

Mitigate Risk

It is relying on a single cloud service provider for the infrastructure that puts your company at a risk. It works with multiple providers and ensures you have multiple options.

Take Your Worries
Away - Put Time Back In 24/7/365

At Beta Soft Technology, we offer an expert 24/7/365 problem-solving team, with Advanced Support that empowers your service. With this Premium Support, our Senior Engineers work as an extension for your in-house team.

Simple, Agile, and Scalable

It helps to maximize your business efficiency and growth with easily manageable Linode servers.

Manage Cloud Hosting

It will deploy the Linode Server in a few minutes. It quickly deployed dedicated Linode servers with zero complexities.

Efficiently Manage Linode Servers

It offers trouble-free management of Linode servers for agile teams.

Optimized and Experienced Performance

Advanced and pre-configured Linode hosting service for websites to improve the digital experience.

Why Developers Trust Linode The Most?

For the last two decades, most developers rely on the cloud infrastructure of Linode to build and host their data and applications. Developers know that the infrastructure of cloud computing is all that we do. We do not operate subsidiaries in different markets that compete with customers. Our certified developers appreciate a long-standing belief in terms of transparency. We do not cloak our services or products and their pricing in complexity.

Linode is the cloud service provider that developers trust the most because we give them alternatives to the complex, costly, and competitive choices currently existing in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Linode is a privately-owned American cloud hosting company that provides virtual and private servers.

Linode services and products enable businesses to build, scale and deploy apps more cost-effectively and easily in the cloud.

Linode is the cloud hosting service provider company that is providing Linux-based virtual machines to support various applications.

If you are scaling large levels of AWS, then it will give you services as much as you require. Linode cloud service is much cheaper than others.