What is meant by Responsove Website Design?

The simple meaning is designing a website that responds to all the web-servers in the world, and all the computing devices including mobile phones accessing your website. But in reality, this is a tough-task to accomplish, since the web design technology started and was in vogue for designing websites accessed by desktop computers, basically. Present day web designers and developers like the ones in Beta Soft Technology have to adapt to the challenges posed today, and come out successful as Mobile website designer, and delivers you the best-functioning Mobile website.

The important tasks ahead for Mobile website designer

While designing a Mobile website for the client, our professionals have to take into consideration many aspects. First of all, the mobile devices have a screen which is just a fraction of the desktop or laptop computer screen. So when the net-visitor accesses your website through a mobile phone device, your website should appear exactly as what it will be on a desktop screen; the navigation; the visibility of the designs and graphics; the fonts of the text and other features relating to your website should not be anyway different from that of the desktop.
This is easier said than done. Our professionals have to put forth their best efforts and expertise behind the screen, to design a fantastic, attractive, efficiently functioning Mobile Website for you and deliver the same in time promptly.

How our professionals work towards building a Mobile Website?

Beta Soft Technology has earned the goodwill and trust of the customers as the best and affordable Mobile Web development company. This has been possible by the involvement and devotion they bestow in their work. You will appreciate if you come to know the pattern of working by our experts.
When a client approaches Beta Soft Technology to build a fully-functional Mobile Website, our professionals painstakingly ascertain the full details about the wishes and aspirations of the client first. Then they embark on thinking and devising the objective of the website, for the present and future.
Analyze the targeted audience of the proposed website, using appropriate analytics. This is just to know consumer-behavior and what mobile devices they use most. Then plan the right strategy and understand the tasks ahead.
The core-contents of the website in question are retained as it is for any device, but the functionality is optimized for mobile devices. This will enable full and truthful visibility of the website in all devices, old and new.
Then our experts embark on evolving, designing and developing appropriate mobile apps customized for the individual website concerned and configure them perfectly.

Thinking from the consumer-perspective

The success of your website hinges on the happy experience your consumers get, while visiting, navigating your site, transacting their business, getting every detail they want hassle-free, and make safe and secure payment if it is an ecommerce site, and go back happily whistling.
While designing your Mobile website, Beta Soft Technology professionals step into the shoes of your visitor, think and act as the customer and provide all the features needed to achieve this happy customer experience, always. This careful-attention from Beta Soft Technology experts makes all the difference; and pushes Beta Soft Technology miles in front compared to peers, as world-quality Mobile website Builder.

Benefits derived by you

By a Responsive Website, you reap the following benefits at an incredibly low cost

  • Higher Ranks in Search Engines and crowds of web-traffic
  • Fantastic user-experience
  • Stay ahead of competition
  • Increased sale volume, profits and returns

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