Position Your Business For Growth With MS SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful and easy-to-integrate platform that efficiently works in conjunction with Document Managers, CMS,, and Intranet solutions. It is loaded with extensive functionalities, features, and capabilities that can be utilized to create blog platforms, websites, social media platforms, CMS, search engines, and other business solutions utilized by small and large organizations alike. MS SharePoint can rapidly grow business and increase productivity.

Our Comprehensive SharePoint Services

We offer a wide range of MS SharePoint services. Our dedicated consultants assist national/international clients to support and guide them from app development to consultation services.

Sharepoint Development Services

We provide intranet and public-facing portals, CMS systems, workflows, and web forms that increase collaboration in your organization.

Sharepoint Consulting Services

Our consultants help organizations to increase their business value. We provide the best solution to manage people, processes,, and information effectively.

Sharepoint Customization Services

Our custom SharePoint solutions, workflows, forms, and sites improve business functioning to make business processes more and more effective.

Sharepoint Implementation Services

We provide complete service for SharePoint implementation and provide the best solution to save resources and time by ensuring visibility across phrases.

Sharepoint Integration Services

We provide complete service for applications-Project server, Dynamic CRM, Exchange Server, and Microsoft BI by integration with SharePoint.

Enterprise Search Integration

SharePoint generally operates with a private company network like intranet and document libraries that allows customers to search, share, and use the information within the organization.

Transform Business with Cutting-Edge SharePoint Development

SharePoint is one of the most adaptable platforms of Microsoft that is used to host and share information. It consists of several components combined in the right way to solve even the most difficult problems.

Beyond Intranet, SharePoint development services provide our customers with feature-rich and user-friendly SharePoint apps for more than a decade. Our customized service provides complete CRM development solutions based on our client's needs. At the same point, we recognize that our SharePoint development services are specially designed for the benefit of employees, which is why we occupied a strong place in user experience throughout the process.

Why Choose Beta Soft Technology?

We are the most trusted and reliable IT Company in India. Our team of experts has strong experience and knowledge in managing, developing, and offering Sharepoint consulting apps. With decades of experience, we are capable of understanding specific business requirements and developing advanced solutions by using the innovative SharePoint platform. Our development and designing team work together and offer innovative solutions to make you stand out in the market with the quality of service and professional approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

SharePoint is a web-based software used to share the information about specific documents, projects, or reports with the other department, team members, or any other organization that may be off-campus or on-campus.

SharePoint is protected by the safe network protection policy, physical data permissions, and specified user access. Furthermore, using the encrypted keys guarantees maximum access to the file. Beta Soft Technology is a certified SharePoint service provider company that helps its clients to meet the necessary security and protocols to ensure the safety of optimum data.

MS SharePoint supports a wide range of web browsers such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox. However, browsers can restrict the functionality and they are only available by using alternative measures.