Beta Soft Technology is committed to assisting its customers to the fullest extent, as reflected in our thoughtful cancellation policy. As a service provider, we offer intangible services rather than physical products eligible for return and refund. These services are ready for immediate use upon receipt, with no physical product involved in the offering.

  • Beta Soft Technology manages all projects through the framework of milestones, guiding the direction and roadmap of the project.
  • Every Web Design, Development, and Applications aspect undergoes thorough scrutiny and acceptance upon creating a comprehensive scope document. This meticulous process ensures that project teams understand the required work comprehensively, mitigating the potential for project cancellation, reversal, or dispute.
  • Both Beta Soft Technology and our clients understand the effort required to reach each project milestone and complete every module; therefore, refunds for completed work are not feasible.
  • Beta Soft Technology ensures that in the event of a mutually agreed project termination, the client retains control of all work completed until that date, and any payment made for further development is promptly refunded.
  • Beta Soft Technology respects a client’s decision to engage with an alternative provider within 48 hours of project initiation. In such a circumstance, Beta Soft Technology commits to refunding the amount paid for the project up to the current date.
  • Cancellations are not accommodated for services offered by the Beta Soft Technology marketing team on special occasions. These are exclusive, limited-time offers and, hence, cannot be canceled.
  • Development Services and Consulting – if you’ve chosen time- and material-based (T&M) services or our Hire Dedicated Developer service, refunds are not applicable.

Cancellation Policy:

  • We need at least 2 weeks to process a cancellation request.
  • Project cancellation is contingent upon the terms outlined in the service level agreement established at the project’s commencement.
  • Once the project has been released for beta delivery, it is not eligible for cancellation.
  • In the event of a mutual decision between you and Beta Soft Technology to cancel the project, payment for the efforts invested in the project up to the cancellation date is mandatory.
  • Delivery of source code, design, or any project-related material is contingent upon settlement of payment by you.


Delivery Policy:

We operate in the service industry and do not deal with tangible items for delivery, minimizing the risk of misplacement or loss. Our deliverables comprise design files, software code, and compiled applications, all transmitted to you as electronic files via our collaboration tools or email. You are responsible for securely storing a copy of these delivered electronic files on your server or preferred storage medium. For a period of up to 30 days from the delivery date, Beta Soft Technology can reissue the electronic files to you. Beyond this period, Beta Soft Technology is not liable for their re-delivery.