E-commerce development is both a science and art as it requires technical knowledge with creativity. But it requires planning also. In this blog, we will discuss creating your eCommerce store from a business owner’s perspective.

WooCommerce is a brilliant eCommerce platform that people love and consider to be one of the best eCommerce development platforms in various situations.

Woocommerce eCommerce platform is the most loved that accompanies WordPress. It is no wonder that it powers more than 28.19% of online stores and up to 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce websites using Woocommerce development services providers.

Now let us take a look at some highlighted reasons why you should use Woocommerce to develop your eCommerce store on the web.

Free platform

Woocommerce is a completely free-of-cost platform that neither has any license fee, nor monthly fee. It provides great documentation and lots of community support that make seeking guidance and support easy. While Woocommerce does not charge any cost, you will likely be paying your ‘hosting’ fee for your eCommerce store. Woocommerce also supports shared hosting at nominal costs. The development and designing of Woocommerce stores are affordable, as is Magento development.

Open Source Platform

This is not a big deal from the perspective of a user. Because Woocommerce is an open-source platform, it is free to use and has so much community support. Its features and functionalities can be extended anytime to innovate and add new features. Being an open source eCommerce platform, it has allowed thousands of ‘plugins’ to come up that support many innovative and new features in Woocommerce. The Woocommerce community is complemented by the WordPress community of developers as Woocommerce is a large WordPress plugin essentially. And the community of Woocommerce development services providers is huge as it powers nearly 33% of the internet.

Less Hosting Resources

Most eCommerce platforms require huge hosting resources that they may need to go for any specialized and dedicated hosting. But for Woocommerce, you can simply host a standardized Woocommerce online store by using services from shared Hosting providers like Hostgator, JustHost, and Bluehost.

Easy to Setup & Configure

People who set up OpenCart or Magento for their eCommerce platform, probably agreed that Woocommerce eCommerce platform is much easier and simpler to set up. All the required functionalities are available in this Core platform and more functionalities are available in its plugins. Customization of a Woocommerce online store requires less technical knowledge than a Magento or OpenCart store.

Extremely Powerful

Woocommerce comes with a lot of advanced features and functionalities that an eCommerce store might need. Some functionalities need to be added using plugins, many of them are free that include features for Advanced Pricing, Affiliate management, Advanced Shipping, etc. However, it allows the Woocommerce platform to be a relatively lightweight software that allows easy additions of features, not required by everyone.

Main Functionalities in Woocommerce eCommerce Platform

  • Multiple categories of product sections can be created/edited etc.
  • Product description page with images, related products, etc.
  • Product listing page with Grid and List view.
  • Setting products and their variants in different sizes, colors, etc.
  • Account login or setup for customers as well as checkout
  • Invoice, email order, order management, etc.
  • Adding Shipping, Discounts, Promo, Taxes, etc.
  • Home Page setup, slideshow setup, featured products view, etc.
  • Checkout, product reviews, payment gateway, social sharing, etc.
  • Guest checkout facility.

Addition and enhancement of new features can also be done by the support from Woocommerce development services providers like Magic Infomedia which is one of the leading eCommerce online store development companies in India.

In Conclusion

Woocommerce eCommerce platform scores affordability, ease of use, community support, scalability, and feature-enriched as the best eCommerce store development platform. If you require an efficient platform to develop your online ECommerce store, then talk to us and we’ll offer you the right advice and help you to select the right eCommerce platform for your online eCommerce business store.