When we think about content management system software, WordPress is the best CMS software program that comes to mind. While WordPress is the most popular CMS product among reviewers and users, it’s not necessarily the best. One product that has proven to be popular among larger enterprise and business clients is Drupal.

In this blog, we will give you reasons why drupal is better than WordPress in various ways, it offers many different features. The biggest knock against Drupal is that it is not a beginner-friendly product — one of the top reasons why it holds only less than 4% market share among global websites.

However, many websites recommend Drupal, including those by many educational organizations and governments. Overall, Drupal provides a more powerful product than WordPress, which is more targeted to the entry-level web design market.

Drupal Is Much Better for Large Content Websites

Historically, WordPress has been equipped for the blogging community. Such as, most users run into problems when it comes to hosting websites requiring large chunks of content. WordPress tends to handcuff the amount of data each website can manage, but Drupal is a much more powerful product.

For instance, Drupal will allow you to use different web page templates on your websites, whereas WordPress allows you to use a single template. Drupal supports multiple content types on every webpage, giving developers outstanding freedom to build their websites.

Finally, Drupal’s taxonomy system is much more powerful and robust, making it easy to handle and classify large amounts of data on your website.

Drupal Empowered Your E-commerce Website With Superior Access Control

User access is too inflexible on WordPress. You are handcuffed to many default user roles, and while you can change some permissions in these roles, you are still only allowed to modify predefined permissions. Drupal provides a true admin system that allows you to customize some permissions to assign them roles. While there are some modules you can install to allow for their important roles, it’s more secure to assign individual permissions to users. This is similar to what you would see
with assigning permissions or Windows permissions on a server.

As such, if you want, you could give a user the ability to edit blog posts, but not the ability to add
more web pages to the rest of your eCommerce website. You will have complete control over
windows permissions.

Upgrade Your Skills and Website Using Drupal

Now, I’m not saying that WordPress is an unpleasant product. Numerous eCommerce websites run on WordPress. However, many organizations choose Drupal over WordPress for good reason. Drupal is better than WordPress because it is more secure and offers a product with greater and more attractive design options than you will find with WordPress.

Of course, you are going to point out that WordPress is much easier to use and provides many more plug-ins than Drupal. That is true, and you can learn more regarding this in our WordPress expert review. WordPress is easier to use and learn and offers many more ways of plug-ins. But that ease of use is offset by a program that limits the growth of your website.

Drupal involves a learning curve, so you may choose to hire someone to develop Drupal for you. While this may incur some extra costs regarding money and time, the benefits you gain by using Drupal make up for the costs in the long term. This is especially true if you want to host a robust website that needs processing large amounts of content or data.

Easy to Setup & Configure

People who set up OpenCart or Magento for their eCommerce platform, probably agreed that the Woocommerce eCommerce platform is much easier and simpler to set up. All the required functionalities are available in this Core platform and more functionalities are available in its plugins. Customization of a Woocommerce online store requires less technical knowledge than a Magento or OpenCart store.

Final Words

In the end, the choice boils down to the type of website you require. For small and personal business websites, WordPress is a competent choice that can get the job done. However, if you are searching for a product that provides robust and secure developmental options, has

superior security, and is more suitable for business-scale websites, then it can be said that why Drupal is better than WordPress.

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