Even though Flutter was only introduced in 2018, it has quickly become one of the most well-liked frameworks in the development industry. 3.4% of developers used Flutter in 2019—one year after it was released—and 7.2% did so in 2020.

The most recent survey found that 13.55% of participants were using Flutter. The acceptance rate and respondents of Flutter are rising yearly, as can be shown. Understanding the Flutter app development companies experience and framework requirements is a must for hiring a Flutter developer.

Employing developers is easier said than done, especially when the cost of hiring a new employee is significantly more than the cost of retaining an existing one. In a world where cross-platform technologies are used by one-third of mobile developers, you need the finest Flutter app developer to attract more clients and build your business.

The hiring procedure has an impact on the quality of the Flutter developers you hire. Here are some tips to consider while hiring Flutter experts.

Talk about the Level of Flutter Developer You Need

You must have a thorough understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a Flutter developer before you attend an interview to employ one. As a result, the scope of roles differs depending on the level of a Flutter developer.

You can employ one of three different types of Flutter engineer:

Junior Flutter Developers

Junior Flutter developers are emerging experts who have only just started their careers in this industry. They won’t have in-depth expertise with or knowledge of the framework, but they must be able to understand the programming language used in conjunction with it. They often have zero to one year of experience and will bring fresh perspectives and original ideas to the table. You shouldn’t have excessively high or low expectations when hiring junior Flutter app developers. The junior developers’ development pace will be slower because they won’t be as familiar with the framework’s finer points. When you bring on junior developers, you’ll need to train them in accordance with the work methodology used by your company and get them up to speed on the ongoing projects.

Mid-Level Flutter Developers

You can set some high standards if you plan to hire Flutter developers in the mid-level category. The most significant requirement is that they have a minimum of two years of experience working particularly with the platform. These are the programmers who have been using the framework from the beginning because Flutter was introduced in 2018, according to this. They must have evolved with it as a result and be aware of it even now. They also need to have expertise in creating business logic and issue fixing, in addition to the coding portion. Mid-level Flutter developers must be capable of working independently without supervision and have adequate subject expertise. They might need help, but only with parts of growth that are at a higher level.

Senior Flutter Developers

When it comes to Flutter development, these people are the trendsetters in the community. Senior developers are the ones who investigate a framework’s potential, redefine its limitations, and provide fresh examples for junior developers to imitate. When selecting a Flutter development company for a senior developers role, that is something you need to take into account. These developers not only bring a wealth of knowledge but also exceptional levels of comprehension. Without going into the types of questions you must ask them in an interview, you can anticipate that a senior developer will highlight their leadership abilities and portfolio during the interview.

Understand the Developer’s Roles and Responsibilities

Understand the responsibilities of the Flutter developer you are looking to hire here, regardless of their level. A Flutter developer needs to be familiar with and skilled in using the Flutter SDK.

The Dart programming language and two mobile-first rendering engines are both included in the Flutter SDK. It comes with a framework in the react style and a selection of widgets for applying the material design and iOS styles.

Understanding these concepts is crucial because your ideal Flutter developer needs to have practical knowledge of using these components.

They also need to be familiar with REST API integration, SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. They must be knowledgeable about and have experience with GitHub, JIRA, and Agile development methodologies.

Flutter Developers Need to be Specialists in

1. Code Optimization:

The vast majority of Flutter applications run on the iOS and Android operating systems. As a result, the codebase needs to be streamlined to conform to the constraints specific to the platform. Given the excellent performance and graphics of Android and iOS devices, the Flutter application codebase must be equally fluid and seamless. As a result, the ability to optimize code is essential when hiring a flutter engineer.

2. Reading Code:

Examine their code to find and hire Flutter experts from a large pool of applicants. The code written by a skilled developer will be readable and simple to comprehend. The structure, grammar, and context are symmetrical and easily readable, updatable, and modified thanks to the code’s readability. A jumbled (or spaghetti) code demonstrates a lack of technical knowledge and skill.

3. Flexible Software Development:

Agile software or application development methodologies are a prerequisite for all forms of development processes, not just Flutter.

As a result, if you want to hire a dedicated Flutter developer, the candidate needs to be familiar with and adhere to agile development principles. Following this results in a successful application or software conclusion. Agile development methods also involve working with several internal or external teams to get the desired result.

4. Social and communication abilities:

The antisocial stereotype of coders may have come from movies, however, this is untrue. Instead, if your team needs a great developer, they must also be excellent communicators, especially with other team members and clients. Don’t seek someone who can make jokes, though. But you need someone who can easily communicate with others and help them understand concepts and requirements.

Freelancers, Remote, or In-House | Which is Best?

As we continue with our discussion of how to hire Flutter developers, let’s also cover another crucial idea: the kind of team that works best for development projects. There are several options available to you, like hiring freelancers, hiring remote teams, or hiring in-house developers.

Freelance developers

Hiring freelancers will save you money because they function similarly to free agents. They are widely available, and you have the option of hiring workers from anywhere in the world.

This way, you can avoid hiring a Flutter developer at $150 per hour and instead hire one for $50 per hour. Furthermore, you will not be required to create a contract or submit the person’s taxes.

When you hire Flutter developers on a freelance basis, you face the danger of receiving low-quality work and perhaps having to cope with delayed deadlines. Furthermore, dealing with freelancers in different time zones becomes difficult.

Remote Team or In-House Team

With a few exceptions, the contractual terms of an in-house or remote workforce are similar. You may simply outsource our Flutter development services while remaining confident in the project’s conclusion and providing prompt support, updates, and enhancements as needed.

You will recruit dedicated Flutter engineers whether you have an in-house team or a remote team. Finally, the in-house development team will work well with other teams, which is beneficial to the project’s conclusion.

While the benefits of having an in-house Flutter development team outweigh the benefits of hiring freelance workers, the expense of keeping an in-house team is prohibitively expensive for a startup.

Outsource the Project

It is more affordable to outsource the complete process to another group. It achieves the desired objectives since you will work with a committed group of developers who will replicate the output standard of an in-house team while charging less.

Additionally, the project will be delivered on schedule. For further work, the outsourced Flutter app development companies rely on your expertise and recommendations. They won’t run the risk of losing more potential customers.

Your choice to work with a Flutter developer or a group of developers must be based on your needs. To attain the intended outcome, a company will need a professional grade code, which will increase the cost of employing an in-house team.


You now understand how to hire Flutter developers and which team model is better for a startup. However, understanding your requirements is critical before moving forward with hiring.

To employ the finest Flutter engineer for your organization, identify the appropriate roles and responsibilities of a Flutter developer and align them with your expectations.