Do you need help with WordPress development for your WordPress agency or freelancing business? In this article, we identify four well-liked methods for getting assistance with your development work in 2022 and beyond.

For your agency or freelance business, do you need to hire a developer for WordPress development assistance?

A lot of work is excellent. Many WordPress companies and WordPress freelancers are in this situation as a result of the pandemic’s impact on the number of businesses attempting to establish an online presence.

However, having a lot of work has the drawback of limiting your time, therefore you might find yourself needing to hire WordPress development assistance for your projects.

What options do you have for hiring development support for your WordPress business?

In the sections below, we’ll examine four approaches to hiring development wordpress assistance in 2022 and beyond, along with each approach’s benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s get started.

Get WordPress Development Assistance for Your Business Today

If you run a WordPress agency or freelance business, you will almost definitely require development in WordPress at some point.

When that time comes, you have four choices:

Let’s carefully review your possibilities.

1. To make project management easier

As your company expands, you should also think about utilizing a project management solution like Beta Soft Technology in addition to white labeling. By allowing you to manage projects and regulate communication from a single dashboard, Atarim greatly facilitates client collaboration.

Enterprises make it simple and easy for users to write comments on specific website elements that they want you to modify, providing you with direct input from your customers. You may then assign these to your team members as tasks.

The best thing about utilizing Atarim is that you can completely white-label it to meet your specific requirements. This is an excellent option if you want to lessen back-and-forth between clients and require a solution that helps them handle several design jobs.

Get feedback from your clients to complete tasks more quickly and keep them happy.

2. White labeling: The ultimate outsourcing formula

Using a specialist outsourcing business is the first choice for finding WordPress development help.

This strategy will put you in contact with a business that employs experienced wordpress developers. Depending on the outsourcing solution, those developers can offer assistance on an as-needed or as-needed-for-project basis.

There are several benefits to white labeling:

  • Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Expertise in WordPress
  • White labeling relieves the pressure
  • Optimization, SEO, Maintenance, and Much More!

First of all, compared to other options like full-time in-house employment, using an outsourcing agency is often less expensive than other ways of hiring WordPress development assistance.

You have access to a group of experts who are well-versed in the most recent trends and best practices. They already know everything there is to know about development in WordPress and have worked with hundreds of clients, so there is no need to train them. When your website is operational, they also have the tools required for maintenance, which is also crucial.

Working with a white-label web partner is another option because they provide these services under your brand name.

They don’t put their name or logo on any of the tasks they do for you. It will seem as though you came up with the design yourself!

3. In-House Hire

If you have a regular need for WordPress development assistance, it may make sense to engage full-time wordpress experts in-house.

With this strategy, you’ll have a full-time team member available to assist you anytime you need it. You may also create consistency and a long-term working connection, which will make things easier for you because a full-time employee will know your working practices inside and out.

For example, there’s no need to clarify essential project requirements because your full-time employee will already be aware of them after they’ve been onboarded.

hiring a wordpress developer or in-house developer can greatly ease your workflows, but there are some very real drawbacks, like high prices and limited flexibility.

If you hire someone inside, their compensation will be there whether the business is good or bad.

With a dedicated outsourcing service, you can adjust your monthly prices according to the volume of work you have.

But if you hire someone internally, you can’t merely reduce their salary or stop their work because the month was slow.

Additionally, hiring internally may cost more because you’ll have to pay for things like benefits, taxes, and other expenses. In addition, there are extra expenses and complexity involved, such as payroll services, accounting obligations, and more.

Going this way is usually not wise unless you are certain that you will require that in-house hire on a full-time basis for the foreseeable future.

4. WordPress Freelancer

A freelance wordpress experts can be used when assistance is required if an in-house employee is a step too far.

You can locate independent contractors through personal connections or one of the various marketplaces.

When compared to outsourcing hiring, a freelance wordpress developer offers a lot of flexibility because you can pay for as much or as little time as you need each month (or for each project).

Beyond the work you have personally committed to, there are typically no long-term obligations, which allows you a lot of flexibility.

There are usually no long-term commitments beyond the task you’ve personally agreed to, which provides you with a lot of leeways.

Costs are determined by the freelancer, thus there are no hard and fast rules. Some wordpress developers may be more expensive than an in-house hiring or outsourced service, while others may be less expensive.

The biggest disadvantage of employing a freelancer is that you must vet and hire them, which can be tough and time-consuming.

Another disadvantage of hiring a wordpress developer is that they will work independently of you. They typically set their schedules and timeframes, which may indicate that you do not have a close working connection. If that makes you sad, you might want to think about the following choice.

5. Per-Project Contractors

The last (popular) option for hiring for development wordpress help is to use a per-project contractor.

A contractor shares a lot of similarities to a freelancer in that they’re independent workers who you can hire on a per-project basis. The main difference is that a contractor functions more like a “hired gun” employee than an independent worker.

Contractors have the same advantages as freelancers in that you often commit to a single project, making it easy to control your costs.

The disadvantage of hiring a contractor is that they are often the most expensive sort of WordPress development assistance.

On a per-project basis, they are normally slightly more expensive than a freelance wordpress developer or in-house employee, and substantially more expensive than a white labeling service.


If you run a WordPress agency or freelance business, you will almost definitely require WordPress development assistance at some point. At Beta Soft Technology, you will receive the best WordPress support for your company. Do you have any further queries on how to get WordPress development help for your business? Tell us in the comments!