Nowadays ecommerce websites come out as one of the most important aspects helping businesses to expand getting more profits. Users can buy the stuffs online that would save their time as well as effort and thus you would not loss any consumers irrespective of the location. In this respect, Magento web development would be the best option using which you can develop a customized ecommerce website. Beta Soft Technology would help you with the best Magento web design and you can experience a nice outlook that would bring in the real benefits, as you want to have. Magento would help you with the technology incorporating the dynamic platform coming out with the effective results.

How to Speed up the performance?

Here are given the ways that would help you to speed up the performance helping you to get access to better outputs:

  • Install a fresh and latest version of Magento ensuring that there are no bugs interrupting the development procedure. If you are having an old version, you need to upgrade the one knowing you would be able to carry out the procedure at your ease. The themes and custom extensions also should come from the current version that would serve as the true options to develop a perfect Magento ecommerce website.
  • You need to optimize all the template images and they should be at least not more than 10Kb. Use the image editor in the right way to crop the image and avoid using transparency rather you can make use of PNG8 or GIF files. It’s also useful to use image compression technique that would be helpful to edit images making it the right fit.
  • Magento speed test is another option using which you can analyze the performance of the Magento website. Run your website via along with Google Page Speed Firefox Extension. Apart from this, you can also avail Yahoo Yslow ensuring that you get access to the desired outputs.
  • Flat Catalog serves as another useful feature and as Magento uses the EAV model it helps into merging the categories and other stuffs into one table giving it a complete clean look. Especially, when your ecommerce store consists of a huge list of products this would be the best way to manage the system.
  • Magento turns out with the feature merging the CSS and Javascript files and this reduces the overall burden of HTTP requests. So, it would speed up the loading of the page and the Magento ecommerce site would work well with all the features functioning perfectly.
  • Magento would automatically clean up the databases and logs and thus you don’t have to worry if your database is going large. Also, it would help you to manage space and your Magento website won’t face any intricacies.
  • MySQL comes up with the own ‘query cache’ which Magento uses to create dynamic pages along with contents improving general performance.

Therefore, you can get a clear view of the tricks that would aid you to enhance Magento speed.