As a store owner, maybe you are not an SEO expert. But, it is important to know about things that take to appear on your business site on top search results. Let’s focus on the point!

Google algorithms are not a prompt technology, you actually need to understand it with your own experience and skills. You can find many “how-to” articles and a long list of online guides on the internet, but you would not be able to fix the SEO of your Magento yourself. You know why?

Because much of its part is all about the complex coding, and people would not have much time to understand it. On the other hand, your eCommerce platform is unique and different from others, that calls the SEO strategy tailored to your business needs.

This article is not a patient machine of your SEO problems. This article aims to expand, highlight and refresh your knowledge of what you need to Google in 2022.

If you have less time then feel free to request a Magento SEO Audit or continue reading the article till the end.

UX Goes First in Magento SEO Checklist

One thing that is User Experience or UX deserves the first place on the Magento SEO checklist. The new changes in algorithms that show feeding relevant content. Google wants it to be safe, fast and user-friendly. The goal of search engine companies is to stimulate a better online experience for all users across the internet. So your Magento SEO services do not limit the Google bot crawlers but it takes real users into account.

Important UX Factors That Will Count Towards Your SEO

Mobile – Indexing

Google machine is indexing the keywords majorly on mobile versions of the website. To address quickly growing mobile traffic, Google has been giving more ranking juice to mobile sites over desktops websites. So you have to make some adjustments if your mobile websites contain many optimization issues or few keywords.

Web Performance

Slowing the loading times puts a negative impact on your SERP positions. Google ran the vitals Web inside update in 2021, page speed has been measured by a new ranking factor on a new set of metrics that is known as Core Web. If you and your opponent have relevant and similar content, Google favors quick loading sites. On the other hand improving the shopping experience and speed gives you an edge over your SEO opponent .

Safety & HTTPS

Indexing the security of websites is a must for any online platform. Customers hesitate while leaving information on sites without SSL. Google penalizes websites that do not provide safe connections to the data of their user. So, make sure while updating your Magento 2 website to its latest version and keep your site safe and nice. Web developers may run into conflicts if you do not update your Magento site on a regular basis.

Technical SEO of Magento 2

It is very critical to make your website more accessible for Google crawlers after optimizing your online store. The latest version of Magento provides solid support to ensure that Google understands your website as well. This section explains the technical side of Search Engine Optimization on Magento 2. Think of it as the Magento SEO Checklist is the best for your online platform.

Magento Sitemap

The important part of SEO on Magento is to generate HTML and XML sitemaps. On the other hand, you can manually walk the google crawlers on your site content that makes it easy to scan the site. If you control Google crawlers by yourself, then you will see pages that you want to show them. For example, you can highlight only popular product pages that are not intended to the customers on buying.

The latest version of Magento 2 allows you to generate an automatic XML sitemap through a series of configuration steps. Magento 2 settings are missing components when it comes to HTML sitemap . You can customize your HTML sitemap setting with the help of our developers team.

Robot.txt Files

When your XML sitemap is ready then it is placed in robot files. These files are responsible for your site to tell Google crawler which pages are required to crawl or not to crawl. Thus, if you have low-performing products on your eCommerce platform, you can use Magento 2 settings to place the nofollow, noindex tag on product pages which you don’t want to get on rank.

Magento SEO URL

Short, logical, and readable URLs help search engines to understand the content of web pages. Many professionals see URLs as a best place to enter the keys such as category or subcategory names. However, that makes the URLs longer and user friendly for clients and Google bots too. No one wants to see a URL with a chain of letters. Fortunately, the SEO of Magento 2 functionality helps to shorten URLs when you configure Add Store Code URL.

Configure URL of Magento SEO in Admin Panel

The main challenge for most online merchants is when multiple URLs point to the same content. For example, you may place a black T-Shirt in “casual” and “sports” both categories, that makes two separate links point to the same product (content). If Google sees the same content which is published on multiple sites, it excludes the content from SERP.

You can handle this problem with the Canonical Tags feature that is available in the Magento 2 Admin panel. To set the URL, use a canonical meta tag on a specific page, Google will ignore all other duplicate content from your site.

Look Into Client Reviews

Seek out a genuine Shopify eCommerce development agency that owns a good number of testimonials and client reviews on its official website. And if these reviews are from clients from the same industry, then it’s good because it gives a clear idea about the product quality that they have delivered and how satisfied their customers are with the provided services.

Avoid Duplicate Content on Magento

When Google bots crawl through the website, they find relationships between pages. They move by using internal links through the online store and identify products that are selling on websites. For instance, you are selling gaming and sports items through the site, and a crawler comes to the section of soccer shoes. And, if the product page of soccer shoes contains a basketball shoes link, then the Google bot will automatically move to that page, then conclude that you are selling gaming and sports items on the website.

You can work on internal link building on Magento 2 with the feature of related products as you can add related items to each product page. By doing this, Google gets to know the idea of the type of products you want to offer at your store.

So What Is Next?

Now, you can avail the benefit of your technical groundwork and focus on these two main SEO cornerstones: link building and keywords. These two factors show that the content on your website is trustworthy and relevant. However, it also requires re-evaluation, continuous work, and improvements. As SEO is a dynamic process with constant adjustments, the advantages of SEO optimization of Magento are worth the money spent and time invested.

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